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The Youth and Financial Services working group endeavors to improve the ability of microenterprise practitioners to provide high quality and effective financial and non-financial services to youth worldwide.

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New Webinar Series: "Understanding Youth and Their Financial Needs"

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Youth and Financial Services Working Group

SEEP recognizes the variety of themes and challenges that working in the microfinance and microenterprise development industry entails. In this working group, we engage practitioners and share our experiences with the goal of identifying the successes, challenges and trends in offering financial and non-financial services for youth.  The group focuses specifically on access usage and sustainability of the products and services. 


In 2015, the Youth and Financial Services Working Group will create a series of short briefs.  These documents will target innovations and address operational questions that many of us have been seeking to answer in our work. 

This set of documents will capture promising practices in a range of areas, including implementation, management and youth engagement.  The briefs will draw together learnings and practices from multiple projects and stakeholders. 


 The Youth and Financial Services Working Group has prioritized two types of knowledge sharing with and for our members: 

  • We hold regular face-to-face and virtual learning events, including our webinar series and in-person meetings (Member Day at the SEEP Annual Conference, etc.
  • Member-driven documentation, such as the 2011 Youth and Their Money, a synthesis of market research that had been conducted by key stakeholders in a range of countries around the world.

These briefs will tell the next part of the story:  how is the Y&FS field innovating and advancing in our understanding of youth financial inclusion?  What questions need further research and study? 

We would also like to share your tools, resources and experiences with the rest of the group, so please send us any publications, blogs, or videos  that you would like to share with the community.

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Defining Youth

For the purposes of this working group, we use the United Nations definition of youth which states that youth are “those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years.”  As a group, we understand that youth is not solely defined by age, but also by life stage and that, more broadly-speaking, youth may include individuals or groups outside of the 15 – 24 bracket.  Further, youth within the bracket may be further disaggregated to reflect the nuances such as gender, urban/rural split, employment status, marriage status, education level and/or life stage. The working group acknowledges that youth are not a homogenous group and that the definition we are using is functional and widely accepted.

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