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Women’s economic empowerment refers to a process by which women expand their ability to succeed and advance economically, and where they have the power to make and act on strategic life decisions in a context where this power was previously denied to them.

 The  goal of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Working Group (WEEWG) is to improve the ability of market systems and other inclusive economic development practitioners to facilitate inclusive, empowering and sustainable services to women across the globe. 

 Priorities include:

  • CONNECT. Build working group membership and connect with each other
    • Rolling profiles of members on the SEEP WEEWG website
    • Semi-annual  working  group  meetings  (one in person meeting at the annual conference and one on-line)
    • Quarterly newsletter updates
    • Strengthening collaboration with other SEEP Working Groups
  • SHARE. Sharing of WEE tools and resources
    • Quarterly peer reviews of new tools and resources
    • Blogging on topics of interest
    • Ongoing updates to WEE resource library on SEEP website
    • Identifying gaps (and funding!) for development of new Learning Products
  • THRIVE. Learning and expanding our knowledge
    • Identify key learning priorities and new process and/or products to address them
    • Joint  webinars   and  e-discussions  with  UN  Women’s:  Women’s  Economic Empowerment Knowledge Gateway
    • Contributing to the USAID-funded Leveraging Economic Opportunities learning agenda for women’s economic empowerment
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