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Making the Business Case: Women's Economic Empowerment in Market Systems Development
This paper provides the rationale that market systems facilitation practitioners can use to engage private sector firms in efforts to empower women.… Read More ›
Measuring the Results of Women’s Economic Empowerment in  Private Sector Development
This document provides a summary of the key findings from ‘Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: Guidelines for Practitioners’ produced by Erin Markel, MarketShare Associates, for the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Working Group (July 2014). … Read More ›
Women in Business: Lessons from Pakistan
This brief looks at the women-only markets as a particularly promising model for promoting women’s active participation in the economy while contributing to their empowerment.… Read More ›
Review of evaluation approaches and methods used by interventions on women and girls’ economic empowerment
This review assesses the quality and effectiveness of evaluation methods and approaches used to analyse the
effects of programmes or projects on women and girls’ economic empowerment (WGEE). … Read More ›
Social Norms Change for Women’s Financial Inclusion
This Brief is intended for funders, practitioners, and policy makers who are committed to women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment. It introduces basic concepts of social norms change theory, reviews current practices regarding gendered approaches to financial inclusion, and explores how lessons learned from other sectors that are embedding norms changes in their design can be applied to women’s financial inclusion programming.… Read More ›
Women In Mining: Can mining law unlock the potential of women?
The aim is to provide a set of clear and actionable recommendations to inform current planning and increase women’s participation in the mining sector.… Read More ›
ÉLAN RDC’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Learning Series: Case Study 2
This case study is the second in ÉLAN RDC’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Learning Series. ÉLAN RDC is a DFID-funded market systems programme working across ten highly differentiated and geographically dispersed provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).… Read More ›
ÉLAN RDC’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Learning Series: Case Study 1
This case study is the first in ÉLAN RDC’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Learning Series. It aims to test the theory of change that by engaging poor women on the same terms as men as out-growers in cash crop industries.… Read More ›
Engaging and Working with Men: Program Insights and Key Considerations for the Agriculture Sector
This technical brief presents guidance on the effective engagement of men in programming to achieve women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and gender equality outcomes in the agricultural sector using a market systems approach.… Read More ›
Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment: Beyond-Production in Market Systems Programs
This brief examines how and why practitioners are achieving women’s economic empowerment (WEE) outcomes through interventions that seek to promote and empower women in agricultural roles beyond-production. More specifically, this brief presents a survey of promising strategies and recommendations for further investigation.… Read More ›
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