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Advancing urban value chain development to help millions of people work their way out of poverty

Urban Value Chain Development Practitioner Learning Program (PLP)

Urban Value Chain Development Practitioner Learning Program (PLP)

Although value chain development represents an innovative opportunity to address poverty, best practices for urban settings have yet to be comprehensively documented and disseminated. Four projects, outlined below, work with local partners to develop best practices through implementation, creating tangible, on-the-ground impact. The Value Initiative provides a 3-year grant totaling up to $700,000 and technical assistance to four demonstration programs in Kenya, India, Indonesia and Jamaica to advance and build capacity in urban value chain development.

The four Value Initiative Programs (VIPs), VIP Indonesia, VIP India, VIP Jamaica, and VIP Kenya, are implemented by the following consortia:

Project Results

By the finish of the Urban Value Chain Development Practitioner Learning Program, all four demonstration programs have implemented successful interventions based on investment ready business plans. As a result, over 2,500 small enterprise owners have received significant gains in income, with thousands more gaining access to the services, education and technology necessary to compete in higher level markets and improve their standard of living.

Throughout the project, SEEP has also strived to build the capacity of participants to handle large scale market development programs, giving them the tools and training necessary to build their businesses and programs independently. SEEP is proud to report that all four partners Value Initiative partners have received follow-up funding to advance and scale up their projects.

In addition, a key objective of the Urban Value Chain Development Practitioner Learning Program was to generate and document lessons learned to contribute to the emerging body of work in urban development and livelihood promotion. As part of this objective, SEEP collaborated with the VIP partners to create learning products on the following topics:

  • How to improve working conditions for informal sector works through market driven strategies
  • Models for financing economic growth in value chains
  • How to leverage government in value chain development projects
  • Results measurement in complex market development projects
  • Reaching vulnerable populations in urban areas
  • Leveraging social networks in value chain development
  • Giving a systemic perspective to skill development
  • The role of social enterprise in value chain development

For more information on project results and learning products, please consult the individual partner and resources pages.

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