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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

Tools to Assess Demand

Understanding 'demand' or the needs of the population being targeting is a critical step in designing ES4VP programs. For any project to be effective it needs to have a clear understanding of 

  •  What is the profile of poverty of the clients?   This is a key aspect of the sequenced activities/graduation models. Assessing the degree of poverty of an individual/ group and matching with appropriate interventions along the PPP (LIFT) or the graduation route (CGAP), etc.
  • What should the intervention look like based on what the population needs? Determine household and community needs, capabilities, motivations and opportunities in order to contextualize /design interventions. What do they need (demand) to be more resilient – weather shocks, reduce risk and start building assets, and eventually income generating potential?

There are a variety of tools that organizations can use to understand the  (a) poverty profile of the poor client and (b) the needs, preferences and constraints of to access of the very poor client.