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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

The Value Initiative Program in Kenya

The Value Initiative Program in Kenya


In Rift Valley and Western Kenya, AMPATH  is engaged in a widespread, holistic public health program that supports
sustainable livelihoods with a combination of broad-based economic development and a “graduation” approach
targeting the most vulnerable populations, particularly those impacted by HIV. This case profiles the economic development and livelihoods initiative, which was part of the Value Initiative Program in Kenya of The SEEP Network
from 2009–2011 (referred to as VIP-Kenya). AMPATH was the lead implementing partner, working with the Kenya Export Promotion Council (EPC) and, for the first half of the project, Fintrac.
Even in the more vulnerable communities targeted by AMPATH , there is a wide range of farmers—from knowledgeable semi-commercial farmers who seek higher-value crops and markets, to recently settled migrants more familiar with cows than crops, to young widows with little land or experience in farming. 
VIP-Kenya opened economic opportunities for these diverse farmers by simultaneously operating a value chain development initiative in passion fruit and a graduation initiative that started with growing African leafy vegetables and participating in savings and loan groups. Meanwhile, in the target communities, AMPATH launched a comprehensive community-based public health initiative through which community members access public health education, basic primary health care (including HIV testing), referrals to doctors and hospitals for more in-depth care, and food aid for malnourished and destitute people, and more.

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