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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


The Outcomes of SG Bank Linkages – Emerging Evidence

Sponsored by  SEEP
Nov 16, 2017 (Thu), 9:30am-10:30am (US EST)


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Around 2006, the term bank linkages was coined to describe an emerging approach to facilitate the delivery of formal financial services to Savings Groups (SGs) and their members.  SGs were considered by some practitioners as a platform towards formal financial inclusion, and various NGOs developed program models to broker relationships between SGs and financial service providers (FSPs), including banks, MFIs, cooperatives and mobile network operators (MNOs).

Over the last decade, there has been a proliferation of initiatives to expand access to formal financial services in underserved markets through SGs; multiple pathways to relationships between SGs and financial institutions have emerged; a more diverse product offering, and an emerging prioritization of savings products; and a rapid increase in the number of SGs engaging with formal financial institutions.

And by 2016, the State of Linkage Report – the first global mapping of SG bank linkages – identified 95 FSPs offering financial services to SGs across 27 countries.  The increasing interest in SG bank linkages is explained by both demand and supply.  Increasingly, groups want a safe place to store long-term savings and excess liquidity, especially when large sums accumulate towards the end of saving cycles; and new business models, partnerships and alternative delivery channels are improving the viability of delivering formal financial services to SGs.

The Outcomes of SG Bank Linkages – Emerging Evidence

Date: November 16, 2017 | Time: 9:30am EDT

The Outcomes of SG Bank Linkages – Emerging Evidence will explore the impact of SG Banks Linkages both at the group level as well as the member level. This webinar is the third and final installment in The Market for Commercial Relationships between Savings Groups and Financial Service Providers Webinar Series.

Don't forget to check out the publication, Delivering Formal Financial Services to Savings Groups: A Handbook for Financial Service Providers and Request for Proposals for the Global Savings Groups Conference 2018. Session proposals are due November 10.


This webinar is organized by the SEEP Network, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, Itad, and FSD Africa. 



Christian PennottiChristian Pennotti, Director, Access Africa/Financial Inclusion, CARE International

In his current role, Christian leads a multi-country initiative to understand the opportunities and risks associated with linking savings groups with formal financial institutions. Previously, he served in senior positions with CARE’s Food Security and Economic Development teams where he provided program design, implementation and learning support to flagship CARE initiatives across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He is a recognized market facilitation and knowledge management specialist with a decade of experience informing or participating in industry-level initiatives including the SEEP’s Market Facilitation Initiative and the USAID AMAP, microLINKS, Field Support and New Partners for Value Chain Development programs. He also led organizational learning at CARE globally on issues related to market facilitation and food security for five years. Christian started his career as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps in Uzbekistan and holds a Master’s degree in International Development. He currently lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Ruth OrbachRuth Orbach, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, CARE Canada

Ruth Orbach is the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor at CARE Canada and manages a complex monitoring and evaluation system across a four-country portfolio. Ruth has worked in financial inclusion, youth engagement, education, and community development across southern, eastern, and western Africa.




David PanettaDavid Panetta, Program Director, Financial Inclusion through Savings Groups, The SEEP Network

David Panetta leads the network’s initiatives to improve standards of practice, mobilize knowledge, create opportunities for learning, and strengthen partnerships and alliances among entities that promote or engage with Savings Groups.

With 12 years’ experience in international development programming and research, David has worked with numerous donor agencies, consultancies, academic institutions and NGOs in over 25 countries, focused on access to finance, inclusive market systems, and knowledge management.  He has led the development of Savings Group initiatives in 19 countries – working with the Aga Khan Foundation, DFID, Plan International, Mercy Corps, VSL Associates, World Vision and over one hundred local NGOs.

David has a Master’s in Economics from McGill University and is fluent in English, French and Spanish.



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