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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Technology Seminar for Microfinance


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Aug 26, 2014 (Tue) - Aug 27, 2014 (Wed),


Associação Brasileira de Entidades Operadoras de Microcrédito e Microfinanças (ABCRED) is pleased to present a Technology Seminar for Microfinance and welcomes everyone’s participation. The Seminar will present experiences of technology as applied to microcredit and instances in which Brazilian microfinance institutions can utilize it. Your participation is key and registration is free for members ABCRED's members. ABCRED will also hold its second workshop on Corporate Governance.  The events will primarily be held in Portuguese.

Informações em Português aqui >>

Registration is now open for both events 

Microcredit is recognized for its ability to increase credit access for microentrepreneurs under the guidance and monitoring of loan officers. Microcredit has achieved significant results, which has led people to refer to microcredit as Social Technology (TS). The microcredit models used in Brazil and around the world vary in the use of different methods such as solidarity groups, personal loans, and community banks among other models. There are already cases that demonstrate how the combined use of IT and TS can promote increased productivity without comprising quality. In this Seminar, discussions will focus on providing examples of how the use of IT can add value and generate scale in microcredit.

 The lack of knowledge and experience in IT usage can affect the performance of the Brazilian microfinance sector, especially non-profit microfinance institutions. Microcredit OSCIPs are entities that lack the capital to invest in IT. Therefore, it is a major challenge for managers of microfinance institutions to incorporate new technologies into their portfolio management systems such as new applications for payment or software for mobile devices (phones, tablets).

 The purpose of this Seminar, sponsored by ABCRED, is to share knowledge and information about the various technologies available for microcredit and promote a greater incorporation of IT processes into customer relations and management tasks.

 The use of cooperative information technology and good governance can generate quality information, strengthen institutions and microenterprises, and foster a favorable and trusting environment. A commitment to rules and creating decision-making processes helps to establish a healthy environment that is required for the development of microfinance entities and fostering financial inclusion in Brazil. The activities planned for the events are connected to “Projeto de Autorregulação” (“Project Self-Regulation”), a project which ABCRED coordinates in partnership with its affiliates. 


Agenda, IT Seminar for Microfinance

9am       Opening/ Welcome

Speakers:  ABCRED, Desenbahia, SEBRAE Bahia, SEBRAE, GPP / SE and ABOMCRED

Workshop I: Portofolio Management System

Speakers: Facil Informática, Midascred, Sipweb Partner and Credisystem Informática

Workshop II: Applications, Accessories, and Connections.

Speakers: TBMobile e PROCENGE - Mobservices                              

 2pm       Lunch break

 Workshop III: ABCRED’s system; informational and national reports

Speakers: The SEEP Network, Hermes Bomfin - President of ABCRED, BNDES, and MTE/PNMPO

Workshop IV: Electronic payment methods.

Speakers:  Access Card, Allele and Pólocred

 6pm       Closing

Speakers: ABCRED and AMCRED 


Agenda, Corporate Governance workshop

 Part I - Introduction and Principles

 Speaker: IBGC - Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance

 Lunch break

 Part II- Corporate Governance Practices

Speaker: IBGC - Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance 

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