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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Taking Savings Groups on the Road Webinar Series: Saving Money, Saving Lives: Savings Groups for HIV/AIDS Affected Populations

Mar 19, 2014 (Wed), 9:30am


In addition to being an effective model for member-managed savings and credit services, Savings Groups show promise as a strategy for the delivery of integrated services targeting improved household welfare and community development. The synergy that exists between development agents that need distribution channels for their messages and groups that want to engage in self and/or community improvement presents a win-win situation. In east and southern Africa, SGs are an important component of large programs targeting vulnerable families affected by HIV/AIDs to promote increased food security, access to health services, and improved water and sanitation. In addition to enabling these families to save, Savings Groups serve as a channel for the delivery of these other services; their members also mobilize funds for vulnerable children and help to identify those most in need. The position of Savings Groups in large, integrated programs and their expanded role vis a vis the most vulnerable raise fascinating questions about group composition, cost and scale.

The webinar series “Taking Savings Groups on the Road” is pleased to present Jason Wolfe (Sr Household Economic Strengthening Advisor,/USAID) and his colleague, Dionisio Matos (USAID/Mozambique) who will discuss both the opportunities and the challenges of incorporating Savings Groups into integrated service delivery for HIV/AIDS affected populations.

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Jason Wolfe is Senior Household Economic Strengthening Advisor with USAID's Office of HIV/AIDS, where he supports PEPFAR country teams, projects, and partners to improve the economic circumstances of households caring for vulnerable children. Previously he served for five years with USAID’s Microenterprise Development office promoting inclusive value chain development, managing the Enterprise Development Implementation Grant Program, contributing to knowledge management and collaborative learning efforts, and coordinating special initiatives with youth, HIV/AIDS-affected households, and conflict-affected environments. Jason has 15 years of experience designing, managing, and assessing market development and technology transfer projects in 45 countries, with a particular emphasis on poor, rural, and marginalized communities.

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