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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Tackling the Technology Commercialization Challenge: A Closing Workshop of the AflaSTOP Project


Parklands Road
Nairobi, Kenya 00100
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Mar 7, 2017 (Tue), 9:00am-5:00pm (Nairobi )


Join ​leaders ​from ​across ​the ​East ​African ​technology ​innovation ​community ​for ​a ​one-day ​workshop ​on ​tackling ​challenges ​in ​commercializing ​new ​products ​and ​services ​into ​rural ​markets. ​

Interactive discussion will explore:

  • Hermetic storage and on-farm drying for maize
  • ​Successful ​business ​models ​and ​partnerships 
  • Persistent ​challenges ​around ​manufacturing, ​financing, ​distribution, ​and ​marketing
  • Striking ​the ​balance ​between ​low-cost ​and ​high-quality 

John ​Staley, ​Chief ​Officer ​of ​Finance, ​Innovation ​and ​Payments ​at Equity ​Group ​Holdings ​and ​Ann ​Mbaabu, ​Director ​of ​Market ​Access ​Programs ​at ​AGRA ​will ​give ​keynote ​addresses. ​ 

Additional ​confirmed ​speakers ​include ​representatives ​from ​M-KOPA ​Solar ​(solar ​home ​systems), ​BURN ​(cook ​stoves), ​KickStart ​International ​(Money ​Maker ​irrigation ​pumps), ​Bell ​Industries ​(PICS ​hermetic ​storage ​bags), ​AtoZ ​(AgroZ ​hermetic ​bags), ​GrainPro ​(storage ​solutions), Elite ​Innovations ​(hermetic ​storage), ​Mwireri ​Engineering ​Workshop ​(small-scale ​manufacturing), ​ACDI/VOCA, ​and Bill ​and ​Melinda ​Gates ​Foundation. 

Visit ​the ​Agenda ​tab ​after ​registering ​for ​the ​full ​line-up ​of ​sessions ​and ​speakers. 

This ​event ​is ​hosted ​by ​the ​BMGF ​and ​USAID-funded ​AflaSTOP ​program, ​which ​is ​addressing ​aflatoxin ​in ​post-harvest ​storage. ​AflaSTOP ​established ​that ​hermetic ​storage ​arrests ​aflatoxin ​growth; ​the ​program ​also ​designed ​– ​and ​is ​now ​piloting ​- ​the ​EasyDry500 ​as ​part ​of ​its ​aim ​to ​develop ​and ​commercialize ​storage ​and ​drying ​technologies. ​ ​AflaSTOP ​is ​implemented ​by ​ACDI/VOCA ​and ​Agribusiness ​Systems ​International ​under ​the ​direction ​of ​Meridian ​Institute. ​For ​more ​on ​AflaSTOP ​and ​to ​access ​publications, ​visit ​www.acdivoca.org/aflastop. 


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