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Assessing Systemic Change: Implementation Guidelines for the DCED Standard
The DCED Standard for Results Measurement recommends that practitioners capture wider changes in the system or market that they work in. Doing so will enable practitioners to learn more about the market system, track the emerging results of their intervention, and continually adapt their approach to maximize their impact. This document outlines a simple, flexible structure which will help programs using the DCED Standard to outline, review, and monitor a causal pathway to changes in the market.… Read More ›
Evaluating Systems and Systemic Change for Inclusive Market Development
There is increased interest in systems and systems thinking within the development community, based in part on an emerging recognition that scale, impact, and sustainability can all be linked to systemic change. Inclusive market system development, in particular, seeks to modify both the structure and dynamics of market systems in ways that contribute to inclusive growth. This report summarizes key findings from a review of selected literature on evaluating systems and systems change.… Read More ›
Making Sense of 'Messiness' - Monitoring and measuring change in market systems: a practitioner's perspective
Market systems are intricate webs of players, actions and interactions that take time and effort to understand. For programmes that want to develop and change market systems, as opposed to becoming part of and potentially undermining them, it is important to make sense of these intricacies - the 'messiness' - in order to understand the effects that interventions are having and to assess whether or not pro-poor outcomes are likely to endure. This paper offers reflections and advice aimed at peers using the market systems development approach who are engaged in setting up or refining ways in which they monitor and measure results.… Read More ›
Adopt-Adapt-Expand-Respond: a framework for  managing and measuring systemic change  processes
This Briefing Paper formally introduces the Adopt-Adapt-Expand-Respond (AAER) framework with the intent of promoting greater precision and some degree of commonality in how practitioners and funders understand and how programmes operationalise 'systemic change.'… Read More ›
Gaining Systemic Insight to Strengthen Economic Development Initiatives
This working paper provides a theoretical grounding for the work Mesopartner has done in the last three years and will continue to do. It considers some definitions, ponders the implications and tries to formulate some responses to some of the key challenges that systems and complexity theories that confront the field of bottom up economic development.… Read More ›
Monitoring and Measuring Change: The Systemic M&E Principles in the Context of the Kenya Market Assistance Program
This paper evaluates the validity and usefulness of seven principles for appropriate design and management of systemic M&E frameworks. It puts them to the test in the context of the Market Assistance Program (MAP) in Kenya and its institutional host, the Kenya Markets Trust (KMT). … Read More ›
Microlinks MPEP Seminar: Monitoring and Evaluating When Facing Complexity: Perspectives From a Practitioner-Led Initiative
This session will feature insights from the SEEP Network’s Systemic M&E Initiative, a practitioner led initiative supported by USAID and FHI360 that has been exploring innovative ways to monitor and evaluate interventions in market and financial systems.… Read More ›
Monitoring and Measuring Change in Market Systems - Rethinking the Current Paradigm
Changes in markets must be monitored and measured using approaches that embrace their dynamic and unpredictable nature. Advances in complexity sciences can provide useful principles and concepts to build the foundations of more effective and relevant monitoring and evaluation frameworks for both market and financial systems.… Read More ›
Microlinks e-Consultation: Innovations in Measuring Impacts in Market & Financial Systems: Rethinking the Current Paradigm
Markets and financial systems are complex and constantly changing. Even after thorough analyses and strategic planning, these changes are unpredictable and sometimes surprising. At the same time, project interventions often yield unforeseen or unanticipated outcomes. The dynamics and non-linear behavior of market systems create specific challenges for understanding change promoted by development interventions.… Read More ›
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