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Systemic Monitoring & Evaluation at SEEP:

Exploring cutting edge thinking to improve the current M&E paradigm

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Systemic Monitoring and Evaluation

SEEP explores cutting edge thinking and enquiry around ways to improve the current M&E paradigm and improve practice in measuring impacts in market systems. When considering markets from a systems perspective, it becomes crucial to recognize that markets are not predictable “machines”, but rather complex and dynamic “organisms” that are constantly learning. Changes in complex and adaptive systems must be monitored and measured using approaches that embrace complexity and facilitation principles, concepts and tools rather than linear and deterministic ones. 

New Podcast in the Systemic M&E Discussion Series, in partnership with mesopartner

Dr. Jeanne Downing

Senior Enterprise Development Advisor 
Office of Microenterprise Development, USAID

Jeanne Downing talks about the discussions she and her colleagues have within USAID about the necessity of using a systemic approach in development. 

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Synthesis: Monitoring and Measuring Change in Market Systems - Rethinking the Current Paradigm

This paper is a synthesis of the work of the Systemic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) initiative of the SEEP Network between August and December 2012. The initiative, coordinated by MaFI (The Market Facilitation Initiative), brought together practitioners and academics to explore two issues:

  • The obstacles and challenges that field practitioners face when trying to monitor and evaluate changes in market systems using the current linear, top-down, rigid, mechanistic paradigm.
  • The principles and guidelines that can bring donors and practitioners together to build systemic M&E frameworks and tools that produce not only relevant evidence about their impacts on markets systems, but also appropriate and timely information for field practitioners to navigate the fast changing and unpredictable landscape of market systems.

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