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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

Supporting Evidence

The Graduation Program was designed as a set of pilots accompanied by rigorous qualitative research and randomized controlled evaluations. Most of the evidence generated can be found the Graduation Program’s Community of Practice , including Qualitative Research and Impact Assessments (Randomized Controlled Trials), as well as on  Innovations for Poverty Action.

In four out of five RCT studies, results showed increased food security, increased and more diverse incomes, and increased assets.  In addition, significant increases were found in indicators of positive mental health, happiness, and hope among the pilot participants. Qualitative research findings are significant as well. According to Karishma Huda, the lead qualitative researcher for the Graduation Program pilots,  the Graduation Program seems to have a significant impact on the lives of the poor but they need to be connected to national social protection systems to sustain their progress.