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SEEP convenes the largest global community of microfinance associations

Support to Market Innovation – The Role of Associations in Promoting New Products and Services

 As the industry collectively grapples with various strategies to put the client back at the center of our work, MFIs are increasingly experimenting with innovative ways to support their customers through a range of products and services. This session will look at some innovative product offerings designed to address particular development challenges to meet growing market demands. We will look at two areas, youth financial services and micro franchising, which hold promise. In addition, the session will explore the role that associations can play to support their members in developing sustainable, client-focused products and services.

Moderator: Nina Nayar

Jennifer Denomy, Director Youth and Financial Services, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA)
César Buenadicha, Senior Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)



MFI Networks and Youth Financial Services (MEDA) (PPT)

Microfranchising in Latin America and the Caribbean (IDB) (PPT)

*Nestle Microfranchising Project (ADOPEM) (PPT) (SPANISH)

*Nestle Microfranchising Project (ADOPEM) (PPT) (ENGLISH)


*Presentation wasn’t made during the actual GNS but posted here as a reference for information

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