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Suite of Tools for Microfinance Association Professionals Image

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Suite of Tools for Microfinance Association Professionals

Suite of Tools for Microfinance Association Professionals


On March 31, 2010, SEEP Network announced the launch of its Suite of Tools for Microfinance Association Professionals through support from the Citi Foundation. This suite of cutting-edge tools is specifically designed to help national and regional microfinance associations fuel the growth and development of the microfinance industry in their regions. These tools were developed by SEEP’s Association Development team in collaboration with microfinance associations around the world as a part of the Citi Network Strengthening Program.

Pam Flaherty, President and CEO of the Citi Foundation remarked, “We are very pleased that our support of the Citi Network Strengthening Program has resulted in the creation of this robust suite of knowledge building tools that are taking lessons learned by the twelve networks participating in the program, and sharing them with microfinance associations worldwide.”

“These tools offer excellent resources and learning opportunities for associations. Their practical guidance will help microfinance associations enhance their strategic approach to managing their organizations, their relationships with members, and their role as a central voice for the microfinance sector in their countries or regions,” commented Francisco De Hoyos Parra, Director General, ProDesarrollo, Finanzas y Microempresa, A.C.

The suite of tools is divided into three categories:

Building Strong Associations: Strengthening microfinance associations through six areas of organizational effectiveness
Effective Governance: A Guide for Microfinance Associations
Policy Advocacy: A Toolkit for Microfinance Associations
Member Feedback Tool: An On-line Platform for Assessming Member Needs and Satisfaction
Managing Your Association’s Brand: The Strategic Importance of Integrated Marketing Communications
Membership Strategies for Microfinance Associations: An Extensive Review of Practices from the Field
Product Costing and Performance Analysis: A Toolkit for Analyzing Associations’ Service Offerings
Microfinance Association Planning Guide

Providing Valuable Services: Improving association products and service offerings to members in their markets
Promoting Innovation in Microfinance: The Role of Associations
Investment Readiness and Microfinance Associations: Bridging the Financing Gap
Performing a State of the Sector Analysis: A Guide for Microfinance Associations
Promoting Credit Bureaus: The Role of Microfinance Associations
Training Strategies: A Technical Note for Microfinance Associations

Promoting Standards of Practice: Developing and promoting indicators and standards of excellence for microfinance associations
Building Vibrant and Inclusive Financial Sectors: Success Indicators for Microfinance Associations
Measuring Financial Performance: Practitioner Guide for Microfinance Associations
Codes of Conduct and the Role of Microfinance Associations in Client Protection
Capacity Assessment Tool for Microfinance Associations: NCAT 5.0

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