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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Social Performance Guidelines for Savings Groups: Setting Standards for Quality Programming and Client Protection

Oct 31, 2014 (Fri), 10:00am-11:00am (US EDT)

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The social and economic benefits of savings groups (SGs) for their members are well documented. A growing number of development actors with differing visions and experiences are realizing the potential of SGs in creating positive change in the lives of the poor, and are increasingly adopting this methodology. At the same time, traditional implementers continue to strive for scale while experimenting and innovating on a number of fronts—from financial linkages, to mobile wallets, to promoting SGs as a platform for other services. In this context of growing popularity and steady drive for outreach and innovation, the SG sector has recognized the need to develop Social Performance Guidelines to accompany SG implementation, guide quality programming, and guarantee client protection.  

Join us in this webinar to review a proposed set of guidelines for the sector, which focus on 5 themes: 

  1. Program Integrity,
  2. Group mastery of principles and procedures, 
  3. Good savings groups practices,  
  4. Combining SGs and other activities, and
  5. Inclusiveness.

Don't miss this chance to shape the content of the guidelines and contribute to the thinking around this initiative!

This webinar is hosted by SEEP's Savings-Led Working Group (SLWG). Click here to find out more about this initiative and other SLWG projects.

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Eloisa Devietti - Co-Facilitator of Savings-Led Working Group, The SEEP Network

Eloisa Devietti is co-facilitator of the SEEP Network’s Savings-Led Working Group. She is responsible for identifying and managing knowledge-sharing initiatives that enhance the visibility of savings-led methodologies and contribute to innovation.   Eloisa also works as Program Advisor at Oxfam America supporting program design and revision processes.  In her past position, Eloisa worked on the Saving for Change program and supported field operations through tools development and training of savings groups.  She has also been involved in research, focusing most extensively on savings groups in Central America.

Paul Rippey - Independent Consultant 

Paul Rippey is an independent consultant who has been working with Savings Groups since 2003, and is co-founder and editor of the Savings Revolution website.  He works in Africa and Asia in program design, strategic planning, research, evaluation and training. Most recently, he has been looking at the introduction of phone-based technologies into Savings Groups, which he believes can make SGs safer, more efficient and more transparent. Before discovering SGs, Paul worked for fifteen years in the management of MFIs.

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