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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


SMDP - Plan Webinar Series Savings Groups and Beyond - Inclusion, Equity, and Transformation

Aug 24, 2016 (Wed), 10:00am-11:00am (EST)

Advocacy and Savings Groups: 
Working Broader Impact 


Guest Presenters:

Amanda Lundy, Plan International

Michel Kanhonou, Plan Benin

Stella Tungaraza, Independent Savings Groups Consultant



Savings Groups have long demonstrated an ability to help their members gain improved mastery of household finances and to make investments that improve socio-economic well being. Evidence is also emerging that increasing levels of social capital and confidence in collective activism nurtured in Savings Groups can help bring about wider change over a broader geographic space, in some cases reaching the national level.

In this August webinar, we will examine specific strategies that Savings Groups facilitating agencies and associations of groups themselves can use to leverage the power of large networks to bring about change. These will be illustrated by examples from Tanzania and Benin where the Savings Groups movement was able to influence the government's national policy on micro finance and demonstrate how associations of Savings Groups have been able to lobby local officials to provide improved qualities of goods and public services to members.


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