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First Microfinance Institution Syria: Building Resilience through a Client-Centric Model
This case explores the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance Client-Centric Model used by First Microfinance Institution Syria in time of crisis. … Read More ›
Fostering Resilience in the Middle East: A People Centered Approach
This case explores three innovative, people-centered approaches used by Vitas Group and Global Communities to successfully grow the financial inclusion sector in the Middle East over the last 20 years, despite the region’s persistent political and economic instability… Read More ›
Client Protection in Asia’s Microfinance Industry
This report summarizes client protection (CP) policies and practices in nine microfinance markets in Asia: India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and China. The findings in this report have been gleaned from assessments conducted by the national microfinance associations in these countries from August to November 2014, using the SEEP Client Protection Market Diagnostic Tool. … Read More ›
The Evidence-Based Story of Savings Groups: A Synthesis of Seven Randomized Control Trials
Rapid growth of savings groups globally raises a number of questions about how well these groups are serving their members and acting as an effective development intervention overall.This paper surveys the results from seven recent, prominent RCT evaluations of SGs in seven countries. … Read More ›
Understanding Youth and their Financial Needs
The Understanding Youth and their Financial Needs publication provides deep insights into the financial decision making behaviors of youth (e.g., spending, saving, and borrowing) at three different levels—the client level, market segmentation level, and institutional level—and shows how these behaviors can inform the design of financial and education support services.… Read More ›
Savings Groups at the Frontier
Savings Groups at the Frontier explores the issues that will shape the future of Savings Groups. What are the costs, required inputs, and anticipated outreach of these groups? How does replication take place? How sustainable are the groups? Is it feasible to integrate financial and non-financial services? … Read More ›
Minimum Economic Recovery Standards
The Minimum Economic Recovery Standards articulate the minimum level of technical and other assistance to be provided in promoting the recovery of economies and livelihoods affected by crisis.… Read More ›
Códigos de Conducta Efectivos : Guía para asociaciones de microfinanzas
El objetivo de la presente Guía es ayudar a las asociaciones de microfinanzas en la elaboración y aplicación de un Código de Conducta (CdC) y apoyar a sus afiliados en el cumplimiento del mismo. En la presente Guía se describe un proceso práctico y económico de siete pasos que puede seguir una asociación cuando pone en marcha y mantiene un CdC efectivo.… Read More ›
Siete pasos hacia un Código de Conducta efectivo (Poster)
Ésta infografía tamaño poster que ilustra los siete pasos hacia un Código de Conducta efectivo presentado en "Códigos de Conducta Efectivos : Guía para asociaciones de microfinanzas."… Read More ›
Program Quality Guidelines for Savings Groups
The Program Quality Guidelines (PQGs) begin with the conviction that facilitating agencies have a responsibility to implement quality Savings Groups (SGs) that safeguard the well-being of members and the security of their assets.… Read More ›
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