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Improving Food Security through Customized Loan Products in India 

As part of the Rural Agricultural Finance and Food Security (RAFFS) Practitioner Learning Program (PLP), the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme-India (AKRSPI) examined the impact of customized loan products for animal husbandry activities on the food security of rural clients in marginalized communities. In 2003, AKRSPI began working in vulnerable communities to provide clients with financing options to improve their livelihoods. In 2007, AKRSPI began implementing a new rural finance product that included customized support services for improved dairy production in addition to traditional financing.

Through the RAFFS PLP, AKRSPI examined the impact of their rural finance products on the food security of their clients.  From February to June 2010, AKRSPI gathered data from clients to analyze changes in (1) household income; (2) household expenditures on typical food and non-food items; (3) frequency of purchase of key food items; and, (4) frequency of consumption of key food items before and after program intervention.

Results from the study indicate that rural clients experienced the greatest positive food security changes after utilizing AKRSPI’s finance product that also provided customized support services. Results from the study as well as key lessons learned from the project have been explored in a screencast that is available below.  


The script is also available for download for those not able to access the audio in the screencast.  Click here to view the script. 

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