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Keeping an Edge: What Will it Take in the Current Microfinance Context?
The information contained in this report represents the collective insights of 39 microfinance association leaders from 33 countries across Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. These associations are member-based organizations, representing a broad spectrum of financial service providers serving the bottom of the pyramid. … Read More ›
The Evidence-Based Story of Savings Groups: A Synthesis of Seven Randomized Control Trials
Rapid growth of savings groups globally raises a number of questions about how well these groups are serving their members and acting as an effective development intervention overall.This paper surveys the results from seven recent, prominent RCT evaluations of SGs in seven countries. … Read More ›
Understanding Youth and their Financial Needs
The Understanding Youth and their Financial Needs publication provides deep insights into the financial decision making behaviors of youth (e.g., spending, saving, and borrowing) at three different levels—the client level, market segmentation level, and institutional level—and shows how these behaviors can inform the design of financial and education support services.… Read More ›
Savings as a Cornerstone: Laying the Foundation for Financial Inclusion
This report documents the major practical approaches to mobilizing the savings of the poor, focusing on innovations that new savings providers might utilize to overcome key challenges. In particular, the report addresses challenges at the client and institutional levels in order to identify the areas of intervention that hold the greatest strategic importance for practitioners. … Read More ›
Savings Groups at the Frontier
Savings Groups at the Frontier explores the issues that will shape the future of Savings Groups. What are the costs, required inputs, and anticipated outreach of these groups? How does replication take place? How sustainable are the groups? Is it feasible to integrate financial and non-financial services? … Read More ›
Minimum Economic Recovery Standards
The Minimum Economic Recovery Standards articulate the minimum level of technical and other assistance to be provided in promoting the recovery of economies and livelihoods affected by crisis.… Read More ›
Expanding Islamic Microfinance in Azerbaijan: The case for industry coordination to serve new client segments
In an effort to meet increasing client demand for Islamic microfinance products in Azerbaijan, a broad group of diverse stakeholders led by the Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) is working to enact legislation and build the capacity of financial service providers to deliver these products.

This profile into AMFA's efforts to implement innovative and locally-responsive approaches to financial inclusion offers important lessons for the industry at large.… Read More ›
Capacity Assessment Tool for Microfinance Associations: NCAT 5.1
In its 5th generation, SEEP's Network Capacity Assessment Tool (NCAT) is the only internationally recognized tool available to evaluate the organizational capacity of microfinance associations. It has 75 indicators in 8 areas of organizational effectiveness. The fully revised NCAT 5.1 includes association standards of excellence, an assessment framework, a guide to using the tool, a scoring guide, and additional annexes such as revised interview questions and other planning tools and helpful resources.… Read More ›
Mantener la Competitividad: ¿Qué se requiere para seguir vigentes en el contexto actual de las microfinanzas?
En la evolución del sector de las microfinanzas, se ha llegado a un punto de transformación. Van acogiendo el mandato de la inclusión financiera los gobiernos del mundo. Mediante las innovaciones tecnológicas, se generan nuevas eficiencias y surgen oportunidades in- calculables para ampliar las prestaciones a nuevos mercados. Estos adelantos, entre otros, atraen un abanico más amplio de proveedores, quienes sin duda cambiarán el panorama financiero. … Read More ›
Manter uma vantagem: O que será preciso para isso no contexto atual das microfinanças?
Os achados examinados neste estudo são uma contribuição para o debate atual sobre o desenvolvimento e o futuro do setor, ocasionado por uma série de dificuldades que afetaram o setor nos últimos anos: crises de superendividamento e retrocessos políticos em vários pa- íses, disponibilidade mais limitada de recursos de doadores para o setor e a percepção de um desvio da missão em relação às suas raízes sociais originais. … Read More ›
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