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We foster creative solutions to scale impact


Fast, agile and on-demand, research at SEEP responds to key questions that can help organizations generate and sustain dialogue around pressing industry topics. Our services help decision-makers identify opportunities and gaps, and overcome industry challenges in an interconnected world.

SEEP's Research Competencies

SEEP conducts quantitative and qualitiative research of industry trends; stakeholder opinions and perceptions; and real-world practices of our members and their constituencies in the field. The research is highly customizable to address market, programmatic, or academic needs.  SEEP's areas of expertise include:

  • Accessing relevant, high-quality and diverse pools of participants
  • Applying effective research tools and techniques
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Dissemination

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Recent SEEP Research Projects

  • Market Outlook 2012: Perspectives of Microfinance Association Leaders (2012) provides perspectives of microfinance association executive directors around the globe on industry outlook and risks.
  • The SEEP Market Forecast (2010-2011) is a forward-looking quarterly survey and report pertaining to MFIs' outlook on various market trends; 50 associations and over 800 executive directors of microfinance institutions from around the word participated.
  • The Savings Group State of the Practice (2013) is an inquiry as to the efficacy of Savings Groups linkages with additional programming and resulting improvements in child well-being. Practitioners representing 356 projects and 103 organizations in 43 countries provided their perspectives on emerging trends in programming, monitoring & evaluation and preliminary results observed, collected in a series of guidelines and technical notes to inform future program design.
  • Keeping an Edge: What Will it Take in the Current Microfinance Context? (2013) contains the collective insights of 39 microfinance association leaders from 33 countries across Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia and prompts meaningful deliberation about the role of MFIs in a changing landscape.
  • The Evidence-Based Story of Savings Groups: A Synthesis of Seven Randomized Control Trials (2013) highlights the global learning community that is caolescing around savings groups. This research is an important marker in the evolution of Savings Groups, synthesizing the results of seven experimental evaluation studies that were conducted more or less at the same time.

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For more information about SEEP's research and assessment services, please contact Alison Yost.

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