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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

Regulatory & Policy Analysis

Understanding the formal and informal policies, regulations and laws that govern the exchange of goods and services is an essential part of setting up an economic strengthening program. Key questions to answer include:

  • What relevant national government and international funding partner VC policies exist? Are these consistent and coordinated?
  • Do the relevant policies reflect a comprehensive understanding of the problems faced by VC ? 
  • Is there a clear roadmap to address the identified problems?  Are polices reinforced by clear strategic plans, target impacts, and timelines?
  • What institutions (government ministries, coordination bodies, civil society entities representing VC , etc.) are involved in formulating VC policies?
  • Is institutional responsibility and accountability for achieving VC policy goals clearly defined? Are implementation roles and responsibilities specified?
  • Do the policies identify how civil society representing VC and their households will be involved in the design, implementation, and/or monitoring of strategies outlined?
  • Do the policies identify clear opportunities and provide tangible support to achieve improvements in the well-being of VC ?
  • What are the national and subnational implementation and coordination structures?
  • Do budget allocations reflect policy maker priorities and influence? Are resources allocated to implement relevant policy instruments?
  • What are the policy barriers and gaps to achieving and scaling up planned objectives for VC ?