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STEP UP's vision: 

To foster a significant increase in practitioners' capacities to assist large numbers of the ultra poor to move out of extreme poverty.


A number of recent programs and projects have demonstrated success in moving households out of extreme poverty, but they have been relatively small-scale and questions remain about cost, sustainability and impact. It has also been difficult to contextualize successes – are certain approaches that seem to work actually working and under what conditions can they be replicated?  The STEP UP initiative recognizes the importance of analyzing and sharing existing successes and failures, synthesizing lessons learned, and promoting collaboration and partnerships to improve and expand work of practitioners in this vital area. The timing is right for this effort – the need, supply and demand for knowledge about how to support the ultra poor in their efforts to transform their lives is increasingly widespread among development practitioners, policymakers, and funders.

  • The economic strengthening sector has a NEED TO IMPROVE its efforts to move the poorest of the world out of poverty.
  • There is a significant and growing SUPPLY of knowledge and documentation on this topic, but it has yet to be consolidated and widely shared.
  • There is DEMAND among practitioners for practical design, implementation and evaluation resources.



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