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The SEEP Network 
Annual Conference

October 1-3, 2018

Proof of Practice

Continuously changing on the ground realities mean that for economic development interventions to achieve results, organizations must constantly learn and adapt based on evidence. However, rigorous impact results usually take years to generate and are generally not available until the end of the project cycle, too late to make mid-project course corrections or innovations. For practitioners to effectively identify which interventions are promising and could be taken to scale, it is critical to focus on collecting and utilizing existing evidence in both the design and implementation stages. By effectively incorporating evidence on what is working and what is not, efforts to invest in innovation can be tempered so that failures can be modified or abandoned and potentially transformative approaches can be further refined and scaled.

You can also have a look at the Plenary Session: Measuring Impact in Market and Financial Systems

The Application of the DCED Standard to Strengthen Results Management 
This session introduces participants to the DCED Standard, a Standard that has been developed to capture and promote good practices in results measurement of private sector development programming. The session provides an overview of the key elements of the Standard, how they have been effectively applied and offer participants the opportunity to practice applying aspects of the Standard themselves.  At the end of the session participants should have a good idea of how the Standard might be useful in their programs.

 What Have We Learned About Savings Groups? Impact Findings and their Implications for Program Design and Delivery
Savings groups (SGs) are spreading rapidly around the world.  Their adoption by a growing number of INGOs and local organizations points to an ever more urgent need to fully understand the impacts of this methodology.  This workshop presents the findings from randomized control trials (RCTs) and other impact evaluations from CARE, Oxfam/FFH, CRS and the IRC, and challenge the audience through quizzes and interactive discussions to analyze how these findings can inform their own programming.  Panelists conclude by sharing their experiences with implementing this impact research.

Power point available here.

 Review of Data Driven Decision Making Tools for Microfinance
The future success of microfinance will depend on the ability of microfinance service providers, networks, and funders to properly assess their markets and make sound decisions.  New, data-driven tools and analytic approaches promise to help the industry make better decision in the future and thus lead to improved economic and social outcomes within the industry.

Power point available here.

 The Role of M&E in Understanding and Effecting Change in Market Systems
Value chain projects commence implementation knowing much less than they might like about the complex and evolving social, market and environmental systems in which they work, and their information becomes out of date quickly. Uncertainty is an inevitable feature of value chain development. Effective projects adopt iterative learning approaches with monitoring and evaluation at their heart to improve their effectiveness over time and results in the long-run. In this session, the members of the GROOVE Learning Network - CARE, Practical Action, CHF and Conservation International - and Swisscontact will draw on the experience of their organizational change initiatives to facilitate a session where participants explore what change looks like in social, market and environmental systems and how best to adopt evidence- and learning-based approaches to achieve sustainable impact at scale.

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