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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

Promotion activities help enable poor and less vulnerable households, who are ready to grow, smooth their income, promote asset growth and expand household income and consumption. 

Appropriate economic strengthening interventions include activities promoting diversification into alternative income-generating activities that require a low investment and that offer a relatively low risk/return tradeoff.

Economic Strengthening interventions appropriate for these households include activities that seek to move households beyond risk-reduction strategies, link them to more growth-oriented opportunities, and sustainably increase their incomes.

The most common interventions in this category either seek to promote self-employment through microenterprise growth, promote wage employment through workforce development and skills training, or address structural impediments to economic growth through value chain development and enabling environmental reform.

A recent publication  LSE on the results from an RCT conduction on  BRAC's  Targeted Ultra Poor Program in Bangladesh, which provides both asset transfers and skills training to poor rural women , shows significant changes in  earnings by allowing poor women to move out of agricultural labor into running small businesses. The RCT shows that the shifts persist even after the  assistance is withdrawn and leads to a 38% increase in earnings.