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(The Women’s Economic Empowerment Working Group)

p2p Exchange

One of the WEEWG-identified activities in 2016 is a Peer-to-Peer Exchange (p2p). This p2p exchange is targeted at those who are seeking answers to questions they have within a project or an organization, and at those who have helpful experiences to share. We envision this as a way for Women's Economic Empowerment Working Group (WEEWG) members to connect with others with specific questions or concerns they are facing, in a low-key way; picture an informal, talking-gender-over-coffee situation.

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The p2p could work in a number of ways that are appropriate to your needs. Here’s one scenario:

A gender focal point at an organization is having an issue getting gender recognized as a priority for project implementation during the proposal and design phase. She wants to learn how other organizations have done this. She reaches out to someone in the WEEWG who has self-identified as working on the same issue, and asks for a phone call or coffee.  The two share a few ideas and possible next steps, and keep in touch with each other over the next few months. The p2p could offer both subject or activity-related support and guidance: developing tools and resources for gender, gender mainstreaming, buy-in from men, gender and financial inclusion, gender and government policy, etc.


In the survey, we ask you to identify 2-3 gender issues that you are happy to talk about with other colleagues. We also ask you to identify 2-3 gender issues that you yourself would also like to seek support on from a peer. For more information on each issue, please see the WEEWG Member Day Meeting NotesFor those interested in a more thorough peer review of materials, the peer review activity under WEEWG can fulfill this need.  The p2p exchange is more informal and discussion-based.

Click here to take the p2p Exchange survey!

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