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Our research competencies

SEEP can manage individual phases of the research process, or entire projects, from defining scope and objectives to disseminating results.

Accessing relevant, high-quality, and diverse pools of participants

Whether for qualitative or quantitative projects, SEEP has the experience and connections to meaningfully engage industry practitioners and microfinance association professionals around the world. Client- or household-level research may also be feasible in certain markets and countries.

Applying effective research tools and techniques

  • Online surveys

Online surveys can provide a timely and cost-effective solution for collecting information. SEEP-produced surveys have extensive online functionality, and can include features such as the following:

    • Unlimited questions and responses
    • Professional-looking, branded surveys
    • Customizable questionnaire content and question ordering
    • Advanced features for conducting online research, such as piping, extraction, and randomization
    • Multi-language questionnaires and translation service
    • Real-time reports
    • Summary reports, tables and charts
  • Survey response management

SEEP effectively manages survey distribution and collection of responses. This includes personalized invitations and targeted reminders to ensure optimal response rates.

  • Focus groups

SEEP has the connections and experience to organize and facilitate field-based focus group discussions for quality results.

  • Online focus groups and stakeholder consultations

SEEP facilitates online forums in which participants engage in moderated discussions on a specific topic. These forums can be employed when wide participation is needed across geographies, in a short time frame and cost-effective manner.

  • In-depth interviews

SEEP researchers conduct one-on-one interviews to collect detailed information about participants’ experiences and perceptions on the research topic. In-depth interviews may provide critical data that would otherwise be missed in a survey or focus group.

Analysis and Reporting

SEEP’s team of researchers is skilled in the interpretation and presentation of both quantitative and qualitative data. Their expertise includes data preparation for analysis, summary, and visualization, using a wide range of charts, tables, statistics, frameworks, data analysis and modeling, as well as discussion and report writing.


SEEP can leverage its extensive dissemination network to ensure wide distribution, visibility, and promotion of your research products. Dissemination channels SEEP uses include:

  • SEEP website, blog, and relevant online communities which reach 3,000+ users
  • SEEP events, including the SEEP Annual Conference, Global Network Summit, and Regional Network Summits
  • SEEP member events and other industry events
  • Other industry publications, websites and blogs
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