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Advancing the inclusion of millions of people around the world into pro-poor, sustainable financial services.

Online Resources

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Aside from this SEEP page, there are a number of other important resources on Savings Groups.  Check them out!

  • Savings Revolution compiles expert blogs, podcasts, publications, and much more on Savings Groups.  It is everything you need to learn more about Savings Groups and get involved with this exciting approach to financial services delivery.
  • The SAVIX is a reporting system that provides transparent and standardized data on community-managed microfinance. It collects and validates financial and operational data from more than 70,000 savings groups promoted by six facilitating agencies. The aim of the site is to facilitate analysis, develop norms and improve performance across the sector.
  • SPINNAKER aims to provide practitioners and researchers with an online platform that aggregates data and information on savings, engages leaders in the field, and highlights innovative savings products to funders, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in the savings for the poor field from around the world.
  • The CRS online library compiles technical manuals, study results, case studies, training guides and toolkits.  At this link you will find those publications related to CRS’s savings-led initiatives. 
  • Savings and loan associations - this Facebook page serves as a global discussion forum for practitioners from around the world to discuss savings and loan associations including VSLA, SfC, SILC, etc.


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