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Advancing the inclusion of millions of people around the world into pro-poor, sustainable financial services.

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Welcome to the Savings-Led Working Group!

SEEP's Savings-Led Working Group brings together practitioners that support the development and expansion of Savings Groups as a mechanism to promote financial inclusion and other development objectives. Established in 2007, SLWG was at the forefront of this new movement and helped set the stage for broad-based industry coordination and the establishment of common definitions and methodological movements.

Click below to learn about SLWG and how you can be an active member!

What is the Savings-Led Financial Services Working Group?
The Savings-Led Financial Services Working Group (SLWG) is a learning community created to bring together practitioners who work with Savings Groups to share their knowledge and experience and disseminate learning more broadly. The working group creates publications, holds on-line discussions, and participates in and organizes conferences to further knowledge of savings group methodologies. The group is facilitated by Eloisa Devietti and Candace Nelson.
Who are the group facilitators?

The group facilitators are Eloisa Devietti and Candace Nelson.

Eloisa Devietti

Eloisa Devietti is co-facilitator of the SEEP Network’s Savings-Led Working Group. She is responsible for identifying and managing knowledge-sharing initiatives that enhance the visibility of savings-led methodologies and contribute to innovation.  Most recently, she has collaborated on developing industry guidelines for program quality of Savings Groups.  Eloisa also works as Program Advisor at Oxfam America managing program design and MEL processes.  She has also been involved in research, focusing most extensively on savings groups in Central America.  

Candace Nelson

Candace Nelson - Candace Nelson has 30 years of experience in microfinance, research, curriculum development, and training in Africa, Latin America, and the United States, with the SEEP Network, the McKnight Foundation, and others. In recent years, her focus has been on savings-led microfinance and financial education.

You can contact Candace and Eloisa at slwg@seepnetwork.org


How do I engage with SLWG?

There are a number of ways you can engage with and interact within the SLWG. After you have completed the sign-up process, you will start getting emails from us, like our quarterly newsletter and invitations to participate in the “Power of Savings Groups” webinar series (for example, the April 2016 "Quality in Practice: Applying the Program Quality Guidelines for Savings Groups"). You can also volunteer to present at one of our webinars. Participating in webinars is a great way to start to get to know your fellow members.

As a member of the SLWG you will be invited to attend the Member Day meeting as a part of the SEEP Network Annual Conference held each fall. At the meeting you will get a chance to interact other SLWG members as well as Eloisa and Candace in person. You will also help decide the next year’s learning agenda and receive an update on the progress to date on the group’s various learning products.

Each year SLWG members choose to develop one or two learning products, based on that year’s learning agenda. For example, in 2010 the group developed and published “Savings Groups: What Are They?” - a book that has helped define the sector.  

You can become involved with the development of learning products, by joining an advisory committee on Member Day, or by emailing Eloisa and Candace at slwg@seepnetwork.org. As a member of an advisory committee, you will work directly with other members and SEEP staff to develop the learning product. You can check out all the learning products the group has produced, along with other useful documents in the SLWG Resource Library. You can contribute your documents to this database to make them easily accessible to savings-led practitioners and the wider NGO community.

If you work in Latin America or are working with partners there, you can join RED GALAC (Grupos de Ahorro Latinoamerica y el Caribe) - the regional sub-group of SLWG that works to strengthen, position, and advocate for savings groups. Currently, the Red GALAC is comprised of over 30 organizations. To join Red GALAC or learn more about the group, please contact the facilitator Mabel Guevara.

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