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Minimum Economic Recovery Standards Training Session - Washington DC Image

Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Minimum Economic Recovery Standards Training Session - Washington DC

Sponsored by  SEEP


1611 North Kent St, Suite 610
Arlington, VA 22209
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Oct 6, 2014 (Mon) - Oct 9, 2014 (Thu),


About MERS

The Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS) articulate the minimum level of technical and other assistance to be provided in promoting the recovery of economies and livelihoods affected by crisis. The MERS cover six technical areas:

  1. Core Standards for Economic Recovery
  2. Assessment and Analysis Standards
  3. Financial Services
  4. Productive Assets
  5. Employment Creation
  6. Enterprise Development

These standards offer tools for government departments, humanitarian agencies, inter-governmental organizations, and local populations to enhance the effectiveness and quality of economic assistance offerings. The goal of the standards is to improve the impact of economic recovery programming by building consensus on good practices.  With the MERS, practitioners can:

  • Promote program quality and accountability 
  • Ensure consistency across programs 
  • Educate staff, partners, and grantees 
  • Negotiate with funders 
  • Learn basic requirements for operating with other sectors

Ultimately, the MERS make a significant difference in the lives of the people affected by crisis and build the capacity of economic recovery practitioners. Learn how to apply them to your work in our upcoming MERS training course in Washington DC!

Course options:

  1. Two-day General Practitioner Training course that provides a certificate of General Practitioner ($300.00)
    • This course will enable participants to identify the major purposes and benefits of MERS, gain working knowledge of the six technical areas, demonstrate its most effective practice, and apply the principles and standards to livelihoods and economic programming in crisis environments.
    • This course is ideal for: Emergency/humanitarian practitioners interested in designing and implementing livelihoods and economic programs; Economic practitioners interested in improving programs in conflict and disaster contexts; Managers and decision-makers responsible for livelihoods and economic programming in crisis environment
  2. Follow-on two-day Training of Trainers course (includes the two-day General Practitioner Training) and is a four-day course including training practice and certification process to be an accredited MERS trainer ($500.00)
    • Building on the General Training, this follow-on training course will equip professionals with the confidence and competence in training skills to deliver the MERS training, and the participants will go through an accreditation process to become a certified trainer of MERS.
    • This course is ideal for: Professionals who are experienced with livelihoods/ economic programs in crisis environments and who have experience in delivering trainings or capacity building activities

Register now! regonline.com/MERSDC

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