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Minimum Economic Recovery Standards Revision Launch

Sponsored by  SEEP


1779 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC
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Jan 27, 2016 (Wed), 9:00am-11:00am (US EST)

The SEEP Network is working to revise the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS). These standards articulate the minimum level of technical and other assistance needed to help empower crisis affected and vulnerable populations through strategies that support enterprises and markets to provide sustainable income and employment.

Despite advances in poverty reduction on a global scale, approximately 1.5 billion people continue to live in conflict affected and fragile states. We currently face an unprecedented refugee crisis, numbers of forcibly displaced have reached a record high, and millions of people are constantly at risk of natural disasters. In the last ten years the cost of humanitarian financing has increased fourfold.

In this context, with the generous support of the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, The SEEP Network is pleased to announce the launch of the MERS Revision Process. There have been notable advances in the industry since the publication of the MERS handbook second edition was published in 2010. MERS success in mainstreaming economic recovery programming within humanitarian agencies greatly depends on the Handbook’s ability to respond to the real needs of field practitioners, to remain updated and relevant, and in essence be a “living document.”

Learn more about MERS and get involved with the revision process! Join us ivirtually for the MERS Revision Process Launch!

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