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Learning with the Toolmakers

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Webinar Series about Market Facilitation Tools in Action



The field of Inclusive Market Facilitation is composed of a range of approaches that rely on market demand and incentives to promote sustainable poverty reduction at scale. Earlier this year, the Market Facilitation Job Tools portal was launched. The portal, created in collaboration with USAID's LEO Project, aims to supports field staff in managing and running inclusive market systems development programs. By collecting and sharing existing tools, this initiative aims to:

  • Avoid reinventing the wheel every time we need a tool to do our job as facilitators; and,
  • Promote reflection about the functions of the tools and the assumptions and hypotheses that underpin them. 

The current resources include templates, guidelines, tools and illustrative examples that are being used by market facilitation practitioners and project managers to implement or manage their activities. We now seek to develop this portal into a knowledge repository and a learning hub by promoting discussions about the tools and tapping into the practical experiences of the practitioners who designed and are using the tools.  

Learning with the Toolmakers is a webinar series featuring discussions that highlight why the tools were designed and how they have been used to operationalize the principles of inclusive market systems development

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Welcome to a new cycle of webinars focusing on inclusive market facilitation tools. In this special edition we will have three 1-hour webinars that form a complete set.

In this series, Eric Derks and Leanne Rasmussen will share learning from this five-year, multi-million dollar USAID program, the objective of which is to increase Ugandan farmers’ use of good quality agro-inputs by fostering more inclusive systemic changes in the agro-inputs industry.

As of late 2014, the program developed and began utilizing an M&E scheme that is expected to:

  • Monitor the responses from actors in the agro-inputs sector to the program’s interventions and provide the program’s teams with timely information to improve their interventions
  • Gauge systemic change—shifts in predominant patterns of behavior and business practices—in the agro-inputs industry and explore the impacts on smallholder farmers
  • Explore the limits of reasonable attribution to interventions

 This first webinar in the series, titled “Using Systemic M&E Tools in Feed The Future Uganda,” will cover the context and objectives of the program; the theory of change used; the strategic approach applied by the team; the features of the tools they selected; and how they combined tools to monitor structural changes in the access of Ugandan farmers to appropriate and affordable agricultural inputs. 

Recommended reading for the first webinar: Feed the Future M&E Scheme - This paper will give you an overview of the project, its theory of change, and its key interventions. It also describes the different tools the team used to gauge systemic change and emergent lessons.

The second webinar will focus on Sensemaker and the third one on Network Mapping. These webinars will delve into the details of each tool and how the team used them. More details coming soon, so keep checking back!



First Webinar

The Offer Arsenal: Tips from Engineers Without Borders

Details, Presentation, & Recording >> 


Second Webinar

Market Actors Self-Selection Management: A Tool in Development

Details, Presentation, & Recording >> 


Third Webinar

Anecdote Circles: Monitoring Change in Market Systems through Storytelling


Fourth Webinar

Using Systemic M&E Tools in Feed The Future Uganda

 Webinar 1 in the new cycle

Fifth Webinar

Using Systemic M&E Tools in Feed The Future Uganda: Network Mapping

 Webinar 2 in the new cycle

Sixth Webinar

Using Systemic M&E Tools in Feed The Future Uganda: SenseMaker®

 Webinar 3 in the new cycle

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