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A platform for collective action

Latin America and the Caribbean

  Work Plan 2012 | Members | LAC Resources | Regional SPWG Events | Historical Information

Work Plan 2012

In 2012 SPWG LAC will continue to build a social performance certification system for the region. The certification system will focus on three areas: gender, poverty, and rural development. The system will certify best practices and processes of MFIs in each of the areas. SPWG LAC has focused on the development of the certification system for the past two years and hopes to formally launch the system next year.

For more information on the certification system, please click here

In addition to the certification system, the group helped to develop the agenda and organization of the Second Latin American Forum on Social Performance.

The main activities for 2012 can be found below:

  • Development of a regional social performance certification system
    • Finalize the indicators for each area of certification through a process of consultation with industry stakeholders in the region
    • Pilot certification in various countries, funds permitting
  • Second Latin American Forum on Social Performance
    • Assist in design of agenda and sessions (January – April 2012)
    • Help with the organization of the conference (January – April 2012)
    • Regional SPWG LAC meeting (April 19, 2012)
  • Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (USSPM)
    • Collect feedback on the essential best practices for the USSPM (January – April 2012)


 Red Centroamericana y del Caribede Microfinanzas (REDCAMIF)  

 Red Financiera Rural (RFR)

 Consorcio de Organizaciones privadas de Promoción al Desarrollo de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (COPEME)


Regional Facilitator: Kenlor Howells, REDCAMIF

SPWG LAC Resources

Regional Social Performance Events

Second Latin American Forum on Social Performance

The 2ndLatin American Forum on Social Performance: Microfinance for Social Inclusion and Development for the Poor in Latin America was held on April 17-18 in Lima, Peru. The main objectives of the forum were to share advances in the implementation of social performance management in Latin American MFIs, and to discuss strategies that generate better social performance results and practices that benefit clients.

For more information on the forum, please click here.

SPWG LAC Regional Meeting

On April 19, 2012 SPWG LAC held their annual regional meeting. Members of the group were able to discuss the 2012 regional work plan and updates on the USSPM and their social performance certification system.

To view the minutes from the meetings, click here.


Historical Information

2011 SPWG LAC work plan



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