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Institutional Assessments and Benchmarking

SEEP is the leading provider of in-depth, comprehensive institutional assessments for microfinance associations, employing its signature Network Capacity Assessment Tool (NCAT).

What can the NCAT do for your organization?

  • Comprehensively evaluate institutional viability and potential growth
  • Provide essential input for strategic and business planning
  • Identify strengths and gaps in institutional capacity
  • Establish a baseline measurement of association performance
  • Create a strong, shared commitment to improving association effectiveness among staff and members

SEEP’s NCAT is the only globally-recognized assessment methodology for evaluating microfinance associations’ institutional capacity. The NCAT looks at eight overarching capacity areas—transparency, consumer protection, governance, operations, financial viability, human resources, external relations, and service delivery. Within each capacity area, SEEP has identified specific standards of excellence. These standards reflect the optimal state of operations, and are considered essential for association success.

The degree to which an association meets these standards is assessed using specific measurable indicators. Each capacity area has between 10 and 13 indicators scored on a scale of zero to four. The scoring model places an association in one of four stages of development: nascent, emerging, expanding, and mature.

The NCAT is highly adaptable to other associations working in financial services, or in other sectors. SEEP will work with any interested association to explore if this is the right tool.

To date, SEEP has conducted over 60 capacity assessments in all regions of the world. The results of these assessments are included in a database and provide the basis for benchmarking with other similar associations.

Learn more

Please contact Laura Courbois for more information about the NCAT and its applications for your association. 

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