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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems

How We Learn

Through a shared commitment to reduce global poverty, members work together and with other stakeholders to increase knowledge and foster innovation, creating opportunities for meaningful collaboration and, above all, for scaling impact. SEEP uses various methodologies in facilitating learning and product development among its members. 

Practitioner Learning Program (PLP)

The Practitioner Learning Program (PLP) is a unique learning methodology rooted in the principles of action research. The SEEP Network developed this methodology to engage practitioners in a collaborative learning process where they identify effective and replicable practices and innovations. The PLP’s comparative advantage—practicing locally, sharing globally—is based on working with organizations on the ground to test strategies in institutional settings common to many practitioners. Findings are shared with the industry at large via practical learning products, such as manuals, technical notes, and case studies.

Working Groups

SEEP members form working groups around topics to address issues they face in the field. With SEEP’s facilitation, members conduct research to better understand the issue, form a consensus on what practices or tools are needed, and develop learning products, such as analytic tools, case studies, papers, or workshops to disseminate their findings. Because working groups are driven by SEEP members with their vast pool of expertise and global representation, working groups put the best minds on the most pressing issues in microenterprise development.

Peer Exchange

SEEP understands that learning is best achieved when practitioners meet face-to-face. Peer-to-peer exchange is a distance-learning methodology that combines virtual and face-to-face interaction to optimize the use of time and resources. SEEP facilitates virtual and in-person events for peers with similar challenges, structure, or interests to share knowledge and learn from the lessons and experiences of others.

Direct Technical Assistance

SEEP staff or consultants may provide direct technical assistance to SEEP members or partners. Services include instruction, skills training, and consulting services, and may also involve the transfer of technical data. This can provide a deeper level of learning and quickly achieve tangible results.

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