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Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening (CYES)

How to Engage

The CYES Network is an effort—forged through a series of partnerships across non-profit organizations, donor agencies and academia—to build a body of knowledge on effective economic strengthening programming for children and youth. To achieve this, the network works concurrently on three core activities:

1. CYES Network Learning Platform

This platform, www.cyesnetwork.org, was established to capitalize on the momentum currently exhibited in the CYES space by providing an efficient and reliable means of 1) sharing information from across diverse activities, 2) raising the profile of the most promising practices in the field, 3) informing newcomers, and 4) providing a clearinghouse of information specifically oriented towards economic strengthening for children and youth.

You can add to the site by:

2. CYES Network Events

Through both stand-alone events and those put on through partnerships, the CYES Network aims to bring members together in an increasingly integrated fashion, expanding the reach of partner events while also pursing opportunities to leverage the learning platform in order to provide access to those who otherwise are unable to attend. You can support these efforts by submitting upcoming event information to us for our calendar or approaching us with joint-sponsorship opportunities

3. CYES Network Newsletter

With an increasing number of activities underway and resources continually put out, keeping track of the latest thinking and experience in the field presents a substantial challenge to dedicated but busy professionals. The regular CYES Network Newsletter consolidates this information to keep the network up-to-date. Subscribe to the newsletter.

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