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Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening (CYES)


by John Knodel, Nathalie Williams, Sovan Kiry Kim, Sina Puch, Chanpen Saengtienchai
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This paper examines community reaction in Cambodia to families from the perspective of parents of adults who died of AIDS or persons with HIV/AIDS (PWHA). Survey evidence and open-ended interviews reveal a mixture of reactions related to social relations, interactions with local officials, gossip, business patronage, funeral participation, and orphaned grandchildren.… Read More ›
by Jill Donahue
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For many poor households, the impact of HIV/AIDS is subsumed by everyday concerns of falling into poverty. Helping households protect their economic resources by building income and savings is of critical importance. This paper suggests how microfinance institutions can innovate in order to better help their clients protect their economic resources in the face of the threats of poverty and HIV/AIDS.… Read More ›
by Food and Agricultural Organization, World Food Programme
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This training manual details how to set up and run a Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS) programme. The programmes are designed to empower orphans and other vulnerable children aged 12 to 18 years who live in communities where HIV/AIDS has had a strong impact on food security. This Getting Started manual comprises two parts. The first part provides background information on the JFFLS approach, its origins and guiding principles. The second part describes how to initiate and manage a JFFLS.…Read More ›
by The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
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This document offers practical guidance for programs aimed at addressing the needs of children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. It provides key definitions, guiding principles, and important considerations for programming decisions. The guidance clarifies PEPFAR/Emergency Plan priorities and the activities that it will fund related to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). It builds on the principles outlined in the U.S. Five-Year Global HIV/AIDS Strategy, and extends the vision and guidance of the President’s Emergency Plan. The knowledge and evidence base underpinning this guidance continues to grow. With new experiences and learning over time, this OVC Guidance is expected to evolve. Updates will incorporate new insights, improved practices and lessons learned.… Read More ›
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The framework considers families and communities as the foundation of an effective, scaled-up response.… Read More ›
by Francis Chigunta, Kenroy Roach
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This document discusses the link between youth livelihoods and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa, focusing on Zambia, Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho. It is based on a study conducted by the Education Development Center (EDC) in early 2005 that was conducted to identify key experts, studies, and relevant demographic data on urban youth unemployment and HIV/AIDS initiatives in the four focus countries.… Read More ›
by Terri Lukas
This combined literature review and program review focused on the current and future role of microfinance and sustainable livelihood strategies in reducing adolescent girls' vulnerability to HIV infection in developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Part 1 of the review focuses on youth-centered programs to prevent HIV infection among vulnerable female adolescents—including microfinance and sustainable livelihood programs. Part 2 analyzes the relationship between microfinance and HIV prevention in the general population, with a focus on women and the oldest adolescents in the target group. Adapting the traditional microfinance model to meet the needs of this sub-group could prove to benefit not only these adolescents but also the microfinance industry.… Read More 
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