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Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening (CYES)


by United Nations
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The report documents outcomes from the Special Session on Children. It contains 21 specific goals and targets for improving the well being of children the next decade, and four key priorities: promoting healthy lives; providing quality education for all; protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence; and combating HIV/AIDS.… Read More ›
by Erin M. Trapp, Jane Menken
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During the past few decades, Bangladeshi children under age 10 have experienced significant improvements in nutrition, and sex differences in child nutrition have declined significantly regardless of family structure, a major change from previous observations in Matlab.… Read More ›
by Peter Dorman
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This ILO paper reviews the rapidly-expanding literature on the relationships between child labour, education and health. With the renewed interest in child labour as an economic and social problem during the 1990s, researchers have attempted to assess its linkages to the core elements of human capital, hoping to solve continuing riddles in development policy and improve the quality of life for the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged inhabitants.… Read More ›
by Frances Lund, Michael Noble, Helen Barnes, Gemma Wright
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The South African state awards unconditional means-tested cash transfers to the caregivers of some eight million poor children. Amidst increasing demands on the state for social assistance, the question has been asked: should the Child Support Grant (CSG) be made conditional on education or health related behaviour to enhance its effectiveness? Issues relating to the popular Latin American conditional cash transfer programmes for children are summarised. The history, current reach and impact of the CSG are described, as well as administrative strengths and weaknesses in delivery. We argue that, to be in line with South Africa’s Constitution, the structural problems of the supply side of education and health provision should be addressed, as well as problems with the delivery of the CSG, rather than considering whether to impose conditionalities that could further exclude poor children and their caregivers from this modest but vital form of support.… Read More ›
by Jennifer Yablonski, Michael O'Donnell
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This report by Save the Children emphasizes the role of cash transfers in lowering child mortality. It argues that well-designed cash transfer programs can help tackle many of the determinants of child mortality, most immediately by increasing access to healthcare and reducing malnutrition.The report draws on evidence across a number of countries to demonstrate that cash transfers have helped poor people to access food and healthcare, and to enhance the status of women (itself one of the most significant determinants of child survival). It further argues that cash transfers also have important positive economic benefits, helping to create livelihood opportunities, increase labor productivity and earnings, stimulate local markets, and cushion families from the worst effects of crises.… Read More ›
by Jill Donahue
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For many poor households, the impact of HIV/AIDS is subsumed by everyday concerns of falling into poverty. Helping households protect their economic resources by building income and savings is of critical importance. This paper suggests how microfinance institutions can innovate in order to better help their clients protect their economic resources in the face of the threats of poverty and HIV/AIDS.… Read More ›
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