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Health and Market Development Working Group

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Integrated Health and Microfinance: Harnessing the Strengths of Two Sectors to Improve Health and Alleviate Poverty in the Andes
The report synthesizes the primary learnings and conclusions and is being shared throughout the community of practice for integrated health and microfinance in the Andean region. It describes the tremendous opportunity for providers of health services and financial services for the poor to join forces to increase access to essential health services for millions of Andean families.… Read More ›
Integrated Health and Microfinance in India: Harnessing the Strengths of Two Sectors to Improve Health and Alleviate Poverty
The microfinance crisis in India has been frontpage news. What many do not know is that India’s microfinance sector has become a promising platform for reaching the poor with vital health information, products, and services.… Read More ›
By adversely affecting family functioning and stability, poverty constitutes an important risk factor for children's poor mental health functioning. This study examines the impact of a comprehensive microfinance intervention, designed to reduce the risk of poverty, on depression among AIDS-orphaned youth. … Read More ›
Prior studies demonstrated the effect of family-based economic empowerment intervention Suubi on reducing attitudes approving sexual risk-taking behavior among orphaned adolescents in Uganda. To understand mechanisms of change, the article examines the effect of Suubi intervention on family support variables and their role in mediating the change in adolescents' attitudes toward sexual risk-taking.
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microLINKS Speakers Corner Synthesis: Why Integrate Microfinance with Health Services?
From October 5 to October 6, 2010, the SEEP Network HIV & AIDS and Microenterprise Development (HAMED) Working Group participated in the Microlink Speakers Corner Why Integrate Microfinance with Health Services? hosted by the USAID Microenterprise Development Office. This paper summarizes that online discussion.… Read More ›
Better Choices for Children: Community Grants in Mozambique
This case study describes the community grants program designed by Save the Children in Mozambique. It reviews the history of the program, describes the target group and the methodology, and presents the outcomes.… Read More ›
Evaluation of Economic Strengthening of OVC: Using the WORTH Model in Uganda
This “Summary of Findings” report presents evidence illustrating the role that WORTH, a women’s empowerment program centered on village banking, has played in The Salvation Army’s “Sustainable Community Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children” project in Uganda (heretofore known as the “TSA OVC” project). The aim of the project, funded by PEPFAR, was to improve the welfare of “orphans and vulnerable children” (OVC) affected by HIV/AIDS.… Read More ›
Children and Change
Children and Change is the flagship annual publication of Aflatoun, Child Savings International. It details the actives undertaken by Aflatoun in 2008 and the impact on children that resulted. The first section provides an overview of the Aflatoun curriculum; the second section introduces the Aflatoun Quality Assurance and Impact Assessment System, reviews existing evaluation reports and introduces research projects; the last section describes the data collection methods and provides a description of the Aflatoun program growth in the pervious 3 years.… Read More ›
Empowering Rwandan Youth Through Savings Led Microfinance
Reviews the experiences of CRS's Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program in Rwanda. … Read More ›
Enhanced Service Provision for Economic Strengthening in HIV and AIDS Impacted Communities
This technical note explores the range of services required by HIV and AIDS-affected communities for effective economic strengthening by microfinance and enterprise development (MED) programs. … Read More ›
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