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Health and Market Development Working Group Image

Health and Market Development Working Group

Health and Market Development Working Group

The Health and Market Development Working Group (HAMED) was formed to address the challenge of health access among vulnerable populations, including HIV and AIDS-affected communities. This group linked microenterprise development practitioners, public health professionals, and policymakers to create strategies to integrate programs for microenterprise development and economic strengthening.

HAMED's work explored the intersections between HIV and micro-insurance, savings and credit-led approaches, and economic strengthening targeted toward orphans and vulnerable children, among other themes. The group created and distributed resources related to the integration of health and economic strengthening services.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: How MFIs Can Track the Health of Clients

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hamed coffee break webinar series

HAMED hosted a series of webinars that served as an introduction to the various strategies that market development and health practitioners are using to simultaneously meet the health and financial needs of poor households. These were  short “coffee break” webinars, lasting approximately 30 minutes in length. Each webinar provided a brief overview of the landscape for each topic, followed by reflections from additional practitioners working in this area. At the conclusion of the brief practitioner panel discussions, audience participants had the opportunity to pose specific questions. 

The series includes three webinars: on Health Microinsurance, Financing for Health Practitioners, and Health Provider Linkages.


Learning Products

  • Why Integrate Microfinance with Health Services? A Microlinks Speakers Corner discussion with HAMED facilitator Bobbi Gray (November 2010)
  • Conference Synthesis| Partnership Planning for HIV & AIDS and Microenterprise Development (October 2009)
  • Conference Synthesis| Paving the Path to Savings – Advancing the Savings-Led Approach in Communities Affected by HIV & AIDS (July 2009)
  • Learning the ABCs of OVCs (September 2008)
  • Strategies for HIV & Microenterprise Development Programming (June 2008)
  • The SEEP Network Guidelines for Microenterprise Development in HIV and AIDS-Impacted Communities: Supporting Economic Security and Health (2008): 
    • Book 1 | For Public Health Professionals
    • Book 2 | For Microenterprise Development Practitioners
    • Book 3 | Policy Makers: Donors, Strategic Planners, and Advocates
  • The Promising Practices Case Study Series (2008):
    • Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity, South Africa | A Microfinance Plus Gender and HIV Education Program
    • The Kibara Mission Hospital HIV Project, Tanzania | Phase II: Savings and Internal Lending Communities
    • The Kupfuma Ishungu Rural Microfinance Project, Zimbabwe: A Self-managed, Village Savings and Lending Scheme
    • Children, Communities, and Care (PC3) Program, Ethiopia: A "Livelihood Development"
    • Better Choices for Children: Community Grants in Mozambique | Diversifying the Range of
      Responses to Support the Livelihood Security of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
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