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Promoting Inclusive Markets and Financial Systems


Giving it all away: The Full-Empowerment Model of Training Savings Groups

Jun 8, 2016 (Wed), 10:00am-12:00pm (US EDT)

Presenters: Paul Rippey, Savings Revolution and John Schiller, Plan International

Since the 1990s, NGOs have been leading the formation of Savings Groups. Over time, the model of group formation has evolved, and more and more control of the process has been transferred to local people.

In all programs, group members have wanted to share Savings Groups with other people. Everywhere they continue to form and train new groups. Very often, the new groups are approached by trainers who agree to train them, for a fee or not. But in many locations, there are no local trainers, or no good ones, and groups form new ones themselves.

This webinar will solicit comments from participants on the following questions:

  • What tools would people need to form high-quality SGs themselves?
  • What would it be like if we didn't track every group, but just let expansion happen spontaneously?
  • What would the role of NGOs become?
  • Advantages? Disadvantages?
  • What successful examples have you seen of community efforts to create spontaneous groups? 
  • What role has your organization played in the process? 
This is bound to be an interesting and controversial webinar. In order to get a sense of what "Giving it all away" means to you and your Savings Groups work we invite you to contribute a ONE WORD comment when you register for the webinar which will be added to a Word Cloud that you will help create! Also, please be ready with comments on the questions above in order to make this an interactive session.


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