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Promoting women’s financial inclusion: A toolkit
Financial inclusion benefits individuals and households, and well-functioning financial systems bene- fit whole countries. However, access to financial services is highly unequal, with poor people – and particularly poor women – frequently the least served by existing institutions and systems. There is ample evidence of how financial inclusion projects of different types can, if properly designed and implemented, enhance women’s economic empowerment. Financial inclusion projects can therefore help to achieve both gender equity objectives and poverty reduction objectives.
As such, in order to promote poverty reduction and gender equity, there is a clear rationale for using development resources to enhance financial inclusion for women. This toolkit offers a practi- cal guide to developing and monitoring financial services to enhance women’s financial inclusion as one tool for the economic empowerment of women.
A financial inclusion programme may not be targeted specifically at women. For example, it may have broad poverty reduction goals that benefit men as well as women. To make sure women bene- fit as much as possible from the programme, it is important to understand why financial exclusion for women is different from financial exclusion for men… Read More ›
Gender Policy and Practice: Self-Assessments of Microfinance and Enterprise Development Organizations in Latin America
As part of understanding the role of gender in the microfinance industry, the Latin American Gender Working Group created a self-assessment designed to stimulate reflection in the participating organizations about the implications of their policies and practices for gender equity and women’s empowerment.… Read More ›
Políticas y prácticas de género: autoevaluaciones de organizaciones microfinancieras y de desarrollo empresarial en América Latina
En el año 2011, el Grupo de Trabajo para la Región Latinoamericana, parte del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Género de la Red SEEP, realizó un taller de dos días en Lima, Perú. El estudio fue diseñado para estimular una refl exión al interior de las organizaciones en torno a las implicaciones de sus políticas y prácticas en materia de equidad de género y empoderamiento de la mujer.

Read More ›
Report on gender discussions and advocacy at the global Microcredit Summit, Valladolid, Spain Nov 14-17, 2011
The pre-summit meeting and presentations at the Gender Session at the Summit presented updates on
WEMAN experience, innovation and challenges in respective regions: Africa, South Asia, and Latin
America. Reflections were made on ground breaking works undertaken on products innovations, nonfinancial
products, social performance as well as macro policy/regulation levels, in specific countries,
lessons learned, as well as remaining challenges ahead.… Read More ›
Microcredit: An Alternative for Women's Empowerment?
This document reports ona one-day conference organized by Women In Development Europe (WIDE) on May 15 2009 in Brussels.

Speakers at the conference discussed the positive and negative impacts of microcredit on women and the role they can play in stimulating employment and tackling poverty in the Global South and the European Union (EU). They also examined the relationship between microcredit and women’s empowerment in the Global South, and lessons that can be derived from this experience.… Read More ›
Empowerment of Women and Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Microfinance
This paper discusses the need to empower women and presents targeted initiatives that support women’s empowerment.… Read More ›
The Impact of Microfinance Programmes on Women's Lives: A Case Study in Kabul Province
This case study focuses on women’s participation in a microfinance program in a peri-urban community in Afghanistan. It is part of a larger research project that examines the effects of women’s participation on gender roles and relations within the family and local community.… Read More ›
Microfinance & Gender: Some Findings from the Financial Diaries in Malawi
Opportunity International Bank of Malawi piloted a mobile banking van "bank on wheels" to bring full-service banking to remote underserved rural communities. Evidence suggests that the convenience factor of the van may have been significantly more important for women than for men. … Read More ›
Gender Equality as Smart Economics
Comprehensive report on the Gender Action Plan of the World Bank Group… Read More ›
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