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Minimum Economic Recovery Standards Image

An Industry Consensus on Minimum Standards for Economic Recovery Programs in Crisis Environments

Field Testing

Be a pioneer in economic recovery in crisis environments!

Field-test the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards

The following organizations have field-tested MERS in their programs:

  • ACDI/VOCA Sierra Leone
  • CRS Sudan
  • FHI360 and Shorebank in the Gaza Strip
  • Mercy Corps Myanmar

 Why conduct field tests of the Standards?

Practitioner adoption is the mark of good standards. Field testing is essential:

  • To determine the universality of the Standards and indicators, and to modify those that are not
  • To ensure that the Standards and indicators are feasible and practical in real-life contexts
  • To build up the Standards’ base of learning with new experience
  • To determine whether the format of the Standards is user-friendly and accessible

How does field-testing work?

Organizations testing the Standards agree to disseminate the Standards at all levels of staffing involved in the oversight and implementation of an economic recovery program they are undertaking.  Testing organizations agree to conduct their program response in a manner that complies with the Standards as closely as possible. During this process, field-testers provide periodic (usually quarterly) feedback to SEEP on the universality, practicality and user-friendliness of the Standards, and provide recommendations for improvements and revisions.

Who is eligible to field-test the Standards?

Any organization with a program meeting the following criteria is eligible to apply.

  • The program operates in an area affected by conflict or that has had a significant disaster affecting the economy and livelihoods of the people.
  • The program includes financial services, asset transfers, employment creation, and/or enterprise development activities.

Organizations may submit multiple programs to field-test the Standards. We are especially interested in achieving a wide diversity in terms of the agencies, type of crisis, and level of economic development.

Is funding available for field-testing?

Due to limited resources, funding is not available. All field-testing done is voluntary and for existing programs. However, SEEP strives to offer technical assistance, learning, and dissemination support when requested.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact William Wallis.

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