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Boosting income of rural families to meet basic needs in Central America
CRS is working with partners to help rural families increase their income and improve their diets in remote areas of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua through the Agriculture for Basic Needs Project.… Read More ›
Creating Change, Creating Opportunities
Catholic Relief Services and YouthBuild International are implementing an integrated program called Jóvenes Constructores de Centroamerica. The effort supports enterprise development and employment opportunities for youth in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras.… Read More ›
My Skills, My Money, My Brighter Future in Zimbabwe
This project was designed to improve the economic status, food security, health and psychosocial well-being of out-of-school (or at risk of being out-of-school) adolescents. The assessment evaluates three economic strengthening approaches: (1) vocational training, (2) Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools and (3) Savings and Internal Lending Communities.… Read More ›
Protecting Malawian Children and Youth Through Social and Financial Entrepreneurship
This learning paper outlines the preliminary findings and experiences of how the Aflatoun program helps strengthen the child protection function of Children's Corners in Malawi. To date, many of Aflatoun's programs have been implemented in a formal education context in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. This is one of the few cases where the model is being applied in an informal/out-of-school context. These lessons are intended to support the learning needs of CRS, partners and peer organizations that have expressed interest in incorporating the Aflatoun model in their existing out of school programs.… Read More ›
Rebuilding Lives and Livelihoods: Promising Practices for Working With Gang-Involved Youth
Working with at-risk and gang-involved youth is a dynamic process that requires a thorough understanding of the context, the youth, the communities and multiple actors. This case study identifies numerous promising practices.… Read More ›
This set of manuals on "Five skill sets for preparing smallholder farmers to successfully engage with markets" presents an integrated and sequential approach to building vulnerable farmers' capacity for linking with markets. The manuals have been prepared for use by development facilitators, field extension agents and community leaders working with poor rural communities. The aim is to improve the livelihoods of these communities through better production and marketing of their crops and livestock products.… Read More ›
Closeout OCA Adapted for UGM
The Close-Out Organizational Capacity Assessment (CLOCA) tool was designed to self assess the progress made by each organization since its original Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) and the subsequent Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment (TOCA). This self assessment tool is both quantitative (scoring 1-4) and qualitative (discussion within each section and overall wrap up section) and should be looked at from both aspects. Feedback from the CLOCA will help inform an organization of areas where additional capacity building may be desirable for future management of donor funding. … Read More ›
Closeout OCA Facilitators Guide
This is a facilitator's Guide for the Close-Out Organizational Capacity Assessment (CLOCA) tool.… Read More ›
Gender Empowerment Index
The Gender empowerment index tool supports any potential research activity to increase understanding of how empowerment relates to HIV outcomes and service access and use. … Read More ›
Tool that helps nonprofits better assess their operational capacity and identify areas that need improvement. It allows nonprofits to rate themselves across a range of critical areas, including vision, strategy, organizational health and human resources.… Read More ›
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