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Economic Strengthening for the Very Poor (ES4VP)

ES4VP Approaches

Economic strengthening (ES) is the process by which individuals and households improve their living conditions by participating in any number of activities that increase assets (physical, financial, human or social) and/ or their capacity to obtain them. ES strategies aim to reduce the economic vulnerability of poor households – meaning their ability to cope with the effects of the various risks they face – and thereby improve their resiliency to future shocks.   Very poor  people and households are those that cannot meet their most basic needs. They can be transitorily poor, moving in and out of poverty, or they can be chronically poor, remaining very poor for most of their lives. They are vulnerable to shocks and stresses that affect the household’s ability to generate sufficient income to earn a livelihood and achieve a threshold level of nutritional requirements for a healthy life both now and in the future.[1]  While these very poor households might not consistently meet their basic needs, they can benefit from appropriate economic strengthening practices that would  increase economic security (or reduce economic vulnerability) to enable a households to meet their health, nutrition and economic well-being needs.[2]