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Children, Youth and Economic Strengthening Image

Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening (CYES)


by Jairo Munive, George Wisner II, Carina Lakovits
Young people are crucial actors in Liberia’s transition from war to peace; creating an enabling environment for youth is at the core of the recovery challenges. This study was commissioned by United Nations Development Programme-Liberia (UNDP) and the International Labour Office-Liberia (ILO).The aim of the study is to explore the employment opportunities that are currently available to the youth of Liberia and to recommend specific areas of intervention that can improve employment prospects in the short and long term. Particular attention is paid to the young people’s own experiences and perceptions regarding employment opportunities. The present report provides specific recommendations on possible interventions and priority areas that can improve access to youth employment.… Read More 
by Francis Chigunta, Kenroy Roach
This document discusses the link between youth livelihoods and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa, focusing on Zambia, Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho. It is based on a study conducted by the Education Development Center (EDC) in early 2005 that was conducted to identify key experts, studies, and relevant demographic data on urban youth unemployment and HIV/AIDS initiatives in the four focus countries.… Read More 
by Jim Tefft, Valerie Kelly
The Project on Linkages between Child Nutrition and Agricultural Growth (LICNAG) seeks to identify means of strengthening positive linkages between agricultural development and factors that influence child health and nutritional status. LICNAG is surveying rural households in Mali was to understand the positive and negative repercussions that agricultural-led growth has on children’s health and nutritional status. This report on preliminary survey findings describes child health and nutritional status across three agricultural zones in Mali. Early results of the survey indicate that increasing access to food and income requires measures to reduce price and climatic risk (e.g., water management and transport infrastructure, and diversification of incomes) for agricultural households.… Read More 
by Michelle Adato and Ruth Meinzen-Dick
Many studies simplify the linkages between agricultural research and poverty and measure only one or two aspects of those linkages. This approach may miss important aspects of poor people's lives, including the diverse ways in which technology affects their livelihoods. This paper presents an alternative approach that is being employed in a study of the impact of agricultural research on poverty… Read More ›
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