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SEEP’s strength lies in its global reach, with members active in over 170 countries.

Membership Eligibility

SEEP members are dedicated to increasing opportunity for marginalized and vulnerable populations through the promotion of inclusive markets and financial systems. Members provide technical assistance, training, research, information, and advocacy support and include international and locally based non-profits, private firms, local and regional associations and networks, research, training, and academic organizations.


  • Market development experience and expertise, focus on marginalized and disadvantaged populations
  • Legally registered as not-for-profit or for-profit private development firm
  • In operation for at least 5 years, or referred by at least two SEEP member organizations
  • Demonstrated capacity and commitment to contribute to collaborative learning

Member Categories

Member Type

Annual Dues


Capacity Development Organizations

Determined by revenue 

NGOs/INGOs, Economic Development Organizations, or Consulting Companies

National, Regional, Global Networks

Determined by revenue

Associations or networks of organizations supporting member organizations

Financial Service Providers

Determined by revenue

Investors, Fintech Companies, or other Financial Service Providers

Research and Academic organizations

Determined by revenue 

Universities, training institutes, or specialized research entities

Associate Members*

*Associate members are non-voting, and are not eligible for Board of Trustees positions



Private foundations, corporate foundations, development finance institutions, or donor agencies

Individual Development Professionals


For experienced professionals: consultants, retired professionals in transition, independent contractors, or other not covered through the previous categories


For questions about status or eligibility, please contact membership@seepnetwork.org

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