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Implications: Different Education Support Programs for Different Ages and Life Stages

Knowledge and Experience of Financial Services may also differ according to age and geographic location, resulting in the design of a financial education program that moves from basic to complex discussion and engagement with formal financial services. Some topics may not be appropriate for the knowledge and life experiences of a younger youth, who can start with basic financial education (E.g., the nuts and bolts of saving- what savings are, their importance and benefits, why a young person should save, how to save, setting goals, etc.) and life skills education, then learn more sophisticated topics as they grow older (e.g., budgeting, financial products, account and loan management, how to match products to savings goals and life stages, business development services). The methodology of financial training may also differ by age. For example, younger girls may prefer games and activities, while older girls may prefer discussions and stories (Savings Innovation and Expansion for Adolescent Girls and Young Women- Mongolia, Dominican Republic). 

Market Segmentation #2: Enrollment Status 

Market Segmentation #3: Gender

Designing Safe Spaces for Girls

Market Segmentation #4: Geographic Location

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