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Disaster Risk Reduction Program

Disaster Risk Reduction Resource Library

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Habitat for Humanity India's Disaster Risk Reduction Insurance
This case explores a disaster insurance product to complement and enhance social security measures within its beneficiary communities that Habitat for Humanity India (HFHI) is piloting as one of their disaster risk reduction solutions. … Read More ›
First Microfinance Institution Syria: Building Resilience through a Client-Centric Model
This case explores the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance Client-Centric Model used by First Microfinance Institution Syria in time of crisis. … Read More ›
Fostering Resilience in the Middle East: A People Centered Approach
This case explores three innovative, people-centered approaches used by Vitas Group and Global Communities to successfully grow the financial inclusion sector in the Middle East over the last 20 years, despite the region’s persistent political and economic instability… Read More ›
Consultation Report On Mainstreaming DRR in Financial Institutions and Mechanisms
This document summarizes presentations and discussions at the Consultation on Mainstreaming DRR in Financial Institutions and Mechanisms, held in New Delhi in June, 2016. … Read More ›
48-Hour Assessment Tool: food Security & Livelihoods in First Phase Emergency
This resource provides summaries of emergency food security and livelihood assessment tools for the first phase of an emergency. … Read More ›
Case Brief: Fonkoze
This case brief describes Kore W, a compulsory microinsurance product for all of Fonkoze’s microcredit clients in Haiti.… Read More ›
Digital Financial Services and Microfinance:State of Play
This paper examines the intersection of the Digital Financial Services (DFS) and microfinance.… Read More ›
Economic Recovery and Livelihoods ‘Top Ten’ List of Resources
This document provides a list of the top ten economic recovery and livelihood resources… Read More ›
Grants and Loans in Livelihood Restoration following a Natural Disaster
This brief focuses on the challenges and solutions to providing grants to micro-entrepreneurs in the wake of natural disaster. … Read More ›
How do you know “Resilience” when you see it?
The primary goal of this paper is to identify the characteristics of self-perceived resilience among a small sample of women in rural Burkina Faso.… Read More ›
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