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Children, Youth, and Economic Strengthening (CYES)

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 Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
The Child Protection Working Group Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) establish common principles aimed at strengthening coordination amongst — and improving accountability of — child protection workers. … Read More ›
Household Economic Strengthening in Support of Prevention of Family Child Separation and Children's reintegration in Family Care

This literature review/discussion paper summarizes learning related to prevention of family-child separation, reintegration of children in family care, and economic interventions that might support these aims. It is a publication of the DCOF funded ASPIRES project.
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Lessons from STRIVE Mozambique: From Savings Groups to Reduced Vulnerability of the Rural Poor

This field note draws on qualitative research experience from the STRIVE Mozambique project. … Read More ›
Agriculture for Children’s Empowerment (ACE) Value Chain Network Analysis

As part of the Value Chain Learning Products of the STRIVE program, this study carried out a value chain network analysis of the Liberia Agriculture for Children's Empowerment (ACE) project implemented by ACDI/VOCA in Liberia. … Read More ›
Savings Groups and their Role in Child Wellbeing: A Primer for Donors

This document incorporates findings from recent impact evaluations and other research on savings groups with promising practices from field implementation. The document draws on research from the STRIVE (Supporting Transformation by Reducing Insecurity and Vulnerability with Economic Strengthening) program, as well as from other projects. … Read More ›
STRIVE Final Project Report: ACE Program

Agriculture for Children’s Empowerment (ACE) was designed to stimulate the entrepreneurial skills and mindset of farmers while linking them to profitable value chains, with the aim of measuring and documenting the effects of these economic activities on child wellbeing. This report provides an overview of activities and results, as well as challenges and key learning from the project.
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Afghan Secure Futures Final Project Report

The Afghanistan Secure Futures (ASF) project enhanced economic opportunities for youth in Afghanistan by targeting youth apprentices. This report provides an overview of activities and results, as well as challenges and key learning from the ASF project.
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STRIVE Learning Report #3: Using Indirect Interventions to Benefit Youth: Lessons from STRIVE’s Afghan Secure Futures Program

This report is part of the STRIVE Learning Series and presents technical considerations for practitioners employing indirect programming approaches to reach vulnerable youth. It draws from the experience of the Afghan Secure Futures Project to improve the lives of vulnerable boys living in Kabul and working as apprendices in the construction sector. … Read More ›
STRIVE Philippines Final Project Report

The objective of STRIVE Philippines was to improve the well-being of vulnerable households—especially for the children and youth within those households—through a market-based approach to economic strengthening in targeted value chains.… Read More ›
STRIVE Philippines Seaweed Sector: Final Evaluation

This paper reports findings from an evaluation of STRIVE Philippines activities in the seaweed sector. Action for Enterprise (AFE) employed a facilitated value chain approach primarily with two seaweed firms between 2008 and 2010. STRIVE Philippines’ research agenda examines the outcomes of AFE’s seaweed value chain activities on lead firms, seaweed farmers and their families. … Read More ›
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